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PEAK MUSIC 1969 - The Led Zeppelin Problem


This is a series that will attempt to Sport(ify) music by creating a 5 member All-Pro/All League/All Star team (Sort of like the NBA first team all-stars) for each year in Music starting with 1964. It will rely heavily on Top 20 Hits from the year but also take into account Concert Tours, Music awards, Music Videos (MTV Crowd-You Tube), TV, Films, Pop Culture etc….. 


The 5th Dimension – 3 top twenty hits with 2 number one hits including – Age of Aquarius

Three Dog Nights – 3 top ten hits with including "One"

The King is back with 3 top ten hits including number one "Suspicious Minds"

The Beatles had 4 top ten hits with 2 number ones including "Get Back" but think there power was fading until 1970.

Number 5 was a difficult choice but I went with the Rolling Stones with Honky Tonk Women their only top 20 hit that went to number one – They just beat out Marvin Gayle, the Archies and CCR.

The Led Zepplin problem. Led Zepplin had only one top ten hit and that was Whole Lotta Love which hit the charts in late 1969 and which went to number 4. These yearly ranking are calendar year based and will tend to omit a group like Led Zepplin whose music is still being played in abundance today but who never had the top twenty sound. Heck, Led Zepplin has radio channels devoted to them, today. In fact I think they probably were at their Zenith in the late 1970s (from the songs they recorded in the late 1960s and early 1970s)  when FM Radio took over the music scene from AM Radio. 

 I tried to think of a sports player they were comparable to and I think of Nolan Ryan. Nolan Ryan never won a Cy Young. Nolan Ryan never led a league in wins but he did lead them losses once. Though I bet a few years he finished in the top 5 of voting of pitchers. Strikeouts were his foray.

In other ways Led Zepplin may be a little like Lebron James, where James was the best player in the league or near best for an awful long time but he never seemed to reach the dominance of a Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson.  That is tested by the fact he had to constantly seek out teams and teammates to give him the best chance to win.







The Beatles

The Beatles

The Beatles

The Beatles

The Beatles

5th Dimension

4 Seasons


Rolling Stones


Gary Pucket

3 Dog Night


Rolling Stones

Frank Sinatra


Simon & Garfunkel

Elvis Presley

Bobby Vinton

Herman Hermits

Beach Boys


Aretha Franklin

The Beatles

Johnny Rivers



The Doors


Rolling Stones







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  1. Yeah, Led Zep had huge fans but they were never that broadly popular with the mass market. There will be more acts like that as you move through the 1970s.

    CCR probably deserves a spot but not a bad list.