Sunday, June 9, 2024

I solved the Topps 2024 Heritage #407 Short Print, 1952, 1975 Topps Code - The Answer is.........

 1969 Topps Football Card number 1 - Leroy Kelly -

I always thought there was something odd about the #407 Leody Taveras short print - The number 407 was familiar.  

Oh yeah - 1952 Topps set ended in #407 and that player was Eddie Mathews.

What card number was not short printed #82.

Who was on card #82 in the 1975 Topps set.

It was Pat Kelly.

Who was Pat Kelly's brother. It was Leroy Kelly.

The Connection.

When Eddie Mathews retired in 1968 he was the 4th all-time leading home run leader behind (Ruth, Mays, Mantle and just ahead of Aaron).

When Leroy Kelly  retired from the NFL in 1974 he was the 4th all-time leading rushers (Behind Jim Brown, Joe Perry, Jim Taylor). The 1975 Topps Baseball set (which 2024 Heritage is based on) came out the next year.

When Mathews retired in 1968, the 1969 Topps football card set came out the next year with

Card Number 1 - Leroy Kelly

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