Sunday, October 28, 2012

Recent Baseball Card Price Guide History - 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Buster Posey autograph

With the Pending World Series victory and up coming MVP award going to Buster Posey,  Buster has had one of the greatest starts to his career than anyone in recent memory. In the last month on  ebay, 46 non graded, non refractor 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Autos were sold for average about $139.   In Beckett Baseball March 2011, the card was listed in the range of $75-$150.

Friday, October 26, 2012

1970s Television Mystery - What ever happened to Richie Cunningham's big brother Chuck on Happy Days

When Happy Day first appeared in 1974, The Cunninghams had 3 children. Richie, Joanie and Chuck. Chuck was the oldest child. He was not seen very often in that first season. In the second season of the show, it was said that Chuck was off to college, though I don't think he ever appeared before the camera.

By the third season, there was never any mention of Chuck anymore and seasons thereafter. He just disappeared without any mention of what happened to him.

 On the Final Episode of Happy Days in 1984, Tom Bosley, (Howard Cunningham) would address the camera and thank every one for allowing his family (the Cunninghams - Ron Howard returned after leaving the show years before and other characters), into our homes. While Tom talked about his family (the Cunninghams) there was no mention (or sight of) Chuck. What did happen to Chuck.

Was he abducted by aliens who brainwashed the minds of all the characters to make them forget of his existence. Is he hanging out with Jim Morrison and Elvis.  Did he die of a drug over dose.  No. What happened to Chuck was the Fonz.

Henry Winklers character became such an overwhelming aspect of the series that there was no need for Richie to have a big brother anymore. Heck after, Ron Howard left the series, the Fonz took over as he had been the star of the show for the many previous years/seasons.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rick Wise #170 - The greatest game by a Baseball Player

Back Facts: On 6/23/71 pitched a no-hitter for Phillies v. Reds and hit two homers in his own support.

This has to be the greatest performance by a baseball player. A completely dominant defensive performance and an outstanding offensive performance. I think the closest anyone has come to this performance is Sean Green's 4 hr and 20 total base game in 2003.  The only performace I think that could top Wise is a five home run game or someone throwing a perfect game and hitting 2 home runs.

This is a shadowy type of card. It looks like that is the 2nd base umpire in the background.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Best Bond Girl: Ursula Andress (best Bond character name Pussy Galore

When Ursula Andress came out of the sea in Dr. No (50 years ago) the Bond Girl was born. However, I don't think any Bond girl has topped her. The first Bond girl was the best.  There are few women who could top her looking like this in any movie.

The great thing about Bond movies is its sly humor. Bond was the first King of the one liners (long before Arnold, Clint etc....).

Pussy Galore: Hi, my name is Pussy Galore

Bond: I must be dreaming

Pussy Galore character was in Gold Finger that came out in 1964. How that got by the censors at that time is unbelievable. But the what the Bond movies are all about - the unbelievable.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Best James Bond Movie Theme Song: Live and Let Die.

Live and Let Die just edges Godlfinger as the best Bond monvie theme song. I am not a Beatles fan and this is probably the only Paul McCartny song  I like. It is hard hitting with a ruthless philosphy. In this ever changing world that we live in...... Sean Connery is the best Bond but eveyone knows that. Though it was Roger Moore who starred in the Movie.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yogi Berra #387, Sparky Anderson #29, Lou Pinella #135, Kirk Gibson #407

It is October and these 4 players/managers have figured prominately in the World Series. Yogi Berra is near the top of all World Series Records. This is a very cool looking card.

Sparky Anderson, manager of the Big Red Machine and a great 1984 Tigers team looks very smart in this pose. Another great shot for this set.

Lou Pinella would help the Yankees win the World Series in 1977 and 1978 and he would lead the Reds to the World Series in 1990, where they won it all.

Gibson was a Michigan State star receiver in the late 1970s. He hit the big Home Run in the 1988 World Series. He has yet to lead the D-Backs to the World Series but that could be coming.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baseball Card Mystery: The 1984 Bench, Yaz (and Perry) tribute cards

Back in 1984, Topps, Fleer and Donruss were competing against each other for the baseball card market. Each of the manufacturers were trying to differentiate themselves from each other. In 1981, Topps added a traded set. In 1982, Donruss add the diamond king subset. In 1983, Fleer went with nonwhite borders and firmly established it superstar special  subset cards.

Then in 1984, all three manufacturers did the same thing. They created tribute cards to Carl Yazstremski and Johnny Bench (and Gaylord Perry) who retired after the 1983. Was this a coincidence. I dont think so.

Here is what I think happened. Fleer which had been taking its superstar specials cards at the All Star game, got one of Yaz and Bench. I think Topps got wind of that Fleer had a shot of Yaz and Bench from the game. Topps could not issue thier own superstar special cards because that would be stealing the idea from Fleer (of course Fleer stole the idea of the superstar special cards from Topps  cards in the 1950s and 1960s). Topps came up with the idea of highlight cards to get  a card of Yaz and Bench (and Perry) together.

I think Donruss was late to the game on this type of tribute card. I think they got wind too late of Fleer and Topps plan to include a tribute card as part of their regular set. So Donruss came up with the first limited edition insert cards of Bench and Yaz (and Fingers and Perry). Though it is questionable how limited the living legends cards were to the regular set.
I defininetly believe that Donruss produced the living legends cards after they found out about the tribute cards of Bench, Yaz (and Perry) that would appear in the Fleer and Topps sets.  It was very odd that never again would all three manufactures produce tribute cards of the same retiring player.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hey Topps, Whats up with the Double 0 cards

Topps photoshopping took a turn for the bizzare on some of its rookie cards. A few of the cards have photoshopped  numbers. Obviously these photos were from the players college days. I am assuming that the player had a college number that was already occupied by the team drafting them. Thus Topps may not have wanted to offend the NFL player on that team who already had the number

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The 10 greatest football cards of the 1980s - No 1 - 1982 Topps Terry Bradshaw (IA)

Terry certainly thinks so. I think this is the first sports card to capture an athlete giving the number 1 salute.  The great thing about the 1982 set. Topps was able to unleash the logos on their football cards and give the cards some personalty. This card shows the joy of the game and unihibited behavior on part of the athlete. This type of card is routinely scene in Topps Baseball issues now a days (pictures of players celebrating). Looking at this card made me think if there were any football cards that showed a player doing a touchdown dance.. I think there probably is one out there from the last few years.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The 10 greatest football cards of the 1980s - No. 2 - 1982 Topps Wes Chandler (IA)

This photo was taken from the November 8, 1981 game between Cincinnati and San Diego at San Diego and not the 1981 playoff game in sub zero weather in Cincinnati between the same 2 teams. There are cards that have tried to duplicate this type of shot (1997 Michael Irvin Collectors Choice, and a couple of recent Topps cards involving Darrel Revis and Larry Fitzgerald) but this still seems to be the master.  It is poetry in motion. Chandler seems to be 36-40 inches off the ground with an incredible vertical leap. The added plus of this card is the touchdown marker as a point of reference. I still 30 years later look at this card in awe and I don't think I have seen a football card action shot top this since.

The 10 greatest football cards of the 1980s - No 3 - 1987 Topps Jerry Rice

The game from the photo on this card took place October 12, 1986 in Candlestick Park. The 49ers lost to the Vikings in overtime. On the end around Jerry Rice was given the ball to throw a pass. It was not complete. I think this is the first football card to show this type of wide receiver end a round passing play. Just a unique looking action card.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The 10 greatest football cards of the 1980s - No 4 - 1982 Topps Walter Payton (IA)

1982 Topps football in action cards just crushed the 1982 Topps Baseball in action verisons. I might have made this card number one but I have seen this type of photo too often mostly from Sports Illustrated. In fact I bet this photo did come from Sports Illustrated. One thing for sure, a photo like this was never seen before on a football card (even on Fleer football action)

The 10 Greatest Football Cards of the 1980s No 5 - 1982 Topps Jan Stenerud (IA)

You don't see these types of shots on football cards today because you don't get kicker cards. However, this one has a great angle to the shot.  It is also great because the forground is blurred but the background is not. Similar to Topps 1981-82 Larry Bird. Jan to me will always be remembered as a Kansas City Chief.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The 10 greatest Football Cards of the 1980s - No. 6 - 1984 Topps Nesby Glasgow

First off 1984 Topps football was one great design. Second, the photo on this card gives Nesby a slightly three D look, as he stands out over a blurred back ground, Third, his name is Nesby Glasgow , and he is standing proud with a protruding chin. A great card design, great photo, great name = A greatest of the 80s.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The 10 greatest Football Cards of the 1980s - No 7 - 1980 Topps '79 AFC Championship Game

Don't knock the Rock. Rocky Bleier runs through the middle of the Oilers defense on this field level action shot. Rocky is running slightly slanted to the left as he was making his cut. There goes Mike Webster in the background watching Bleier going through the hole. No 54 for the Oilers is Gregg Bingham, I believe. This was a rare great action shot that Topps blotting out the Oilers logo on their helmets does not distract from the card.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The 10 greatest Football Cards of the 1980s - No 8 - 1980 Topps Paul Hofer

Through 6 games of the 1980 football season Paul Hofer was leading the league in receiving and was on pace to catch over 100 passes. He was also one of the top rushing leaders in the NFL. However, during that 6th game he hurt his knee and was never the same player again. He probably did benefit from Bill Walsh's new West Coast offense lead by first year starter Joe Montana.

I vaguely remember a mention about Hofer's rookie card in The Sporting News. It was most sought after. Sort of like before the 1981 Fleer Fernando Valenuezala rookie card (which got a mention in SI back in 1981).

I remember buying a lot of 1980 Topps football back then but I could not get this card. A few people in the neighborhood did not have it either. I still look upon this card fondly. I had never heard of him before but it was cool there was a rookie football card of him (but I could not get it).   The card looks kind of cool too with the white 49er uniform.

2013 Topps Adam Greenberg's card was featured on ESPN Sports Center today.

Sports Center gave us  a view of Adam Greenberg's 2013 Topps baseball card earlier today.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The 10 greatest football cards of the 1980s - No. 9 - 1981 Topps Dwight Clark

One thing that always struck me about this card was what a good looking guy Dwight Clark is here. He looks like some teen age heart throb. Clark would make the Catch in the 1981 playoffs.  This was Clark's rookie card, I never heard of him until the 49ers started winning that year.

While you can not see it - on the back of the card there is a cartoon noting that Clark was married to a Beauty Queen. A Beauty Queen.  How many guys marry a Beauty Queen. What a good looking and fortunate guy.  

The 10 greatest football cards of the 1980s - N0. 10: 1980 Topps Dave Pear

As a follow up to the 10 greatest football cards of the 1970s - I present you the best of the 1980s. Here is Dave Pear's card. There are 2 great things about this card. One is Pear facial expression as he is blowing for air, like the Raiders just got out of some great jam. Also, the 1980 Topps football set had a great looking ALL-PRO banner. The black banner just stands out here with the black of the Raiders jersey

Monday, October 1, 2012

The real referees are back on Calvin Johnson's Jr. 2012 Score Football Card

It looks like Johnson just caught a TD pass against the Chiefs. At least the fan in the stands thinks so. The Referee is about to go to his whistle.  There is an incredible amount of background action in 2012 Score Football.