Saturday, April 27, 2024

Why is Topps being coy on the Jackson 3 in 2024 Topps Series 2

 I believe I know the reason.

Details were being leaked on Beckett for 2024 Topps Series 2 Baseball Cards.

While Topps provided details on the Series - there was no mockup of the cards.

Last Year - Topps offered mockups of Jordan Walker and Anthony Volpe - 2 rookies who were not in series 1. For Jordan Walker it was understandable because he only made his debut in Early April of that year.

There are 3 big Jackson rookies who debuted in April 2024 -

Jackson Merrill (actually he debited in Korea)

Jackson Chourio

Jackson Holliday (just sent down to the minors)

All 3 of them will not be in series (you heard it hear first)

Why because Topps wants to manipulate the market (and hope people preorder series 2 expecting those players in the set) and they want to make lots of money.

My prediction is Merrill and Chourio will be in series 2 and Holliday will be saved for update.

Considering how bad the rookie pool in 2023 update was - its possible they withhold Chourio also for series 2.

I hope none of this happens but I expect it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Will the Jackson 3 be in 2024 Topps Series 2.

 There are 3 big time rookies named Jackson who have debuted this season

Jackson Holliday

Jackson Chuorio

Jackson Merrill.

Will Topps put one of them in Update (Most likely Holliday). (In an attempt to manipulate the market).

If this was 1974 - we would not see these players until 2025.