Thursday, May 31, 2012

2012-13 Panini NBA Hoops Lives!!!!!!!

I saw on the Official Panini American Blog/The Knight Lance that NBA Hoops will be returning with a little different design and same price point. As Bart Scott used to say "Can't Wait".

Fielder vs. Fielder

Here is Cecil 1990 Bowman card that came the summer of 1990 which put Cecil in a Tigers uniform for the first time. Ccecil had been in Japan then signed a contract with the Tigers in 1990 and became the first player to hit 50 home runs in 13 years.  Here is the 2012 Prince version.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sammy Davis Jr vs. Ward Cleaver

It is 60's cool vs. 50's cool. I have become intrigued in the strategy of this national election. How only a few states will decide who wins. It is almost like fantasy baseball. Where do you put your allocation of resources.  For example, I heard that Team Obama is not expanding much resources in Michigan because they feel they are going to win that state. It is like investing money/picks in the saves category in fantasy baseball.  You don't need to win the saves category by 20 saves, you only need to win it by one save. Thus you can expend money/picks in other areas (for the candidates, that is other states.)

In trying to pick a winner of the election, about a year ago I came up with a formula. I figured the closer the stock market was near 12,000 point, the unemployment rate to 9% and gasoline at $4.00 the Replubican candidate would win. The closer the stockmarket was to 14,000 points, the unemployment rate to 8% and gasoline at $3.00, the Democrat will win. Well, I think it is a toss up. Let see how the elections went when compared to Topps baseball cards:

1952 - 10 stars  - Rep (I like Ike)
1956 - 5 stars - Rep (I don't like horizontal cards)
1960 - 5 stars - Dem (ditto)
1964 - 10 stars Dem (love this design)
1968 - 9 stars Rep (love this design)
1972 - 11 stars Rep (Favorite set all time - Nixon?)
1976 - 6 stars Dem (not a Favorite)
1980 - 5 stars Rep (part of the first worst design run 1978-1980  for topps)
1984 - 6 stars Rep (repeat of 83 which is great)
1988 - 7 stars Rep (this was junk wax until I read the 1988 Topps Blog)
1992 - 5 stars Dem (it is O.K. but the end of brown backs)
1996 - 2 stars Dem (I can't even visualize this set)
2000 - 2 stars Rep (was this gold bordered?)
2004 - 5 stars Rep (would have been better if no foil at top of card)
2008 - 10 stars Dem (return to classic design)

The Dem avg - 6.3; The Rep avg 6.6;  Topps baseball card look a little better in years that Republican's won. But it was close.


Though I think the Obama card looks better because of the American flag in the background, I think this is also a flattering card of Mitt Romney. I saw on Bdj610 blog the recently that Topps will have a presidental election set in its update set. I hope they use 2012 Topps design (or a throwback design)

Lets get ready to......

In 2008, Topps put out a presidential contender set for Democrats and Republicans. I really like the 2008 Topps design and I like these cards. Heck I like any card on this design.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Michael Jack Schmidt #294

I just saw The Chronicles of Fuji post about Mike Schmidt and I knew that I was going to do a post about him soon. So here it is.  I saw that Fuji mentioned that Schmidt retired 23 years ago today. I remember when he retired, I think it was Memorial day. Schmidt is the second best player (to Bonds) in the last 40 years.

I really did not like any of the regular cards the big three put out of Schmidt in 1982, though I think his special Fleer card holding the MVP trophy was (still is) cool.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ozzie Smith

It appears that Ozzie Donruss photo was used as a model by Dick Perez for his 1982 Donruss Diamond King card. It appears that Perez reversed the color of the uniform and then took Ozzie's bat off his shoulder.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baseball Card Price Guide History: 2010 Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome

This price guide history is very recent. Basically last month on ebay for Harper's USA Bowman Chrome card (non graded, non refractor). There were 114 sales of this card for the average price of $53.44. That is not bad. I do think this card may have been short printed but I can't remember.

Tug McGraw Scroogie

I gotta believe Tug McGraw of the 1980 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Here is a decent shot of him. In the early 1980's Tug wrote a comic strip about a pitcher called Scroogie. One of the characters in the strip was called Homer. A rookie slugger who hit 59 home runs but did not hit 60 because of home run 59 was lost and he got really worried about that little ball and went into a slump. There was little a bit of foresight as  Homer resembled a slugger who would come on the seen a couple of years later. His name Mark McGwire. Mark bared an uncanny resembalance to Homer and he also smashed a lot of Homers as a rookie too.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Iconic Series: 1981-82 Topps Larry Bird

This should have been Larry Bird's rookie card instead of that perforated monstrosity of a set from 1980-81. Larry's nickname was Kodak at the time (Given to him by Bill Fitch). The beauty of this card is two fold. First you got Larry wearing a cool Celtics warmup jacket. I don't recall seeing that on many cards prior to this. Second and most important is how the photo is transfixed on Bird, giving it a 3-D look. It is the blurry shoulder of another Celtic player in the right corner, the clear look at Bird and then the blurry background of the stands give this card a unique look that was rarely seen up to this time.   

The last card I own of a player older than me

I previously mentioned that 1983-84 OPC Brian Bellows was the first card I owned of a player younger than me. Now here is the last card I own of a player older than me. It is 2008 Topps Jamie Moyer. Thus when I bought this set this card became the last card I owned of an active player older than me. I have picked up a few sets since then but Moyer is not in them. He last appeared in 2010 Topps. It remains to be seen whether he shows up in Topps Series 2 or its update set.

Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan just never impressed me. I realized he won back to back MVPs on the World Champion Reds. I know he took walks before all the On-Base Analysis took place. But I lived in the 1970s and I never considered him one of the best players. I can rattle off names Mike Schmidt, Greg Luzinski, Willie Stargell, Dave Parker, Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Pete Rose, George Foster, Reggie Jackson, George Brett, Jim Rice etc... who I considered better. I am suprised he made it to the Hall of Fame. I remember when he would get on first against the Pirates and Willie Stargell (a boyhood friend) would have great fun with him. This is an average card on a nice blue sky day.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Matt "I am not Frank" Sinatro

An awesome looking card with Matt wearing the throwbacks of uni's of the Braves (of course at the time he was wearing them, they were not throw backs). A great card because he is posing for his picture in spring training. On top of that you have a couple of palm trees  in the background swinging from a SUMMER WIND. It keeps blowing in. That SUMMER WIND.

Steve Bedrosian

This is an odd photo, it looks like Steve got his photo in front of a white screen. He has a strange expression on his face. He was one of the better relievers in the 1980s. This is his rookie card.

Wrigley Wax has one of the greatest posts ever -

Check it out, all of the Chicago Cub cards at posted in one awesome sight for sore eyes.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Topps goes for the cheap on 2012 Topps Archives card stock

The card stock for 2012 Topps Archives is not the sturdy thick non glossy brown card stock from 2001 and 2002, Archives set but the thinner white card board that is similar to the 1993 (1953) Topps Archive Set and the 1994 (1954) Topps Archive Set. This is not even 2012 Gypsy Queen grade card stock. This is Topps Lineage 2 (2012).

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jack Morris 35-5

With this baseball season at its quarter point, it brings to mind the best 40 game start of any team. That was the 1984 Detroit Tigers. Jack Morris was the top starting pitcher on that team. Here he is on a card from spring training. Doesn't that glove look huge.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rick Manning and Ron Hassey

The photos for these two cards were taken at the same game. I guess the question is were both players standing in the same exact spot. I want to say no. Manning was definitely at the plate but I think Hassey for some reason maybe in the bullpen. I can not find a common fan in the background. It appears they are playing the Tigers. In 1981 Hassey would catch Len Barker's perfect game (of course Fleer used Bo Diaz with Barker on a card to commemorate the event in its 1982 set).

The first card I owned of a player younger than me

1983-84 OPC Brian Bellows. This is the rookie card of Bellows (no Topps sets that year). Bellows had his best season at age 25. He was second team all-NHL all star team scoring 55 goals. By age 30 he was declining fast and was done by age 34 as a player (just like me?). I think Dwight Gooden and Jose Rijo were the first baseball card I owned of players younger than me.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Willie Randolph and Greg Nettles

Coming at you back to back. Today's equivalent would be Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez. I think the Todays Yankess would win in overall talent but those 2 yesterday Yankees have more rings.  Both of these card photos were taken during spring training but not at the same time (both are wearning different unifroms with Willie in the oin stripes.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gaylord Perry

In the early 1980s, Renata Galasso put out a set exclusive to Gaylord Perry. What I remember about the set was her description of him on a few of the cards. She said he looked like a farmer who you could outslick but really he would out slick you, the City Slicker. When I look at this card I see that farmer.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Donruss the Rookies Brett Butler

Brett adds to the Dominance that the Donruss 1982 set had over Fleer and Topps in having great rookie cards. Butler appears with 2 other players on Topps and no card with Fleer. Brett was a big star on the 1982 Braves as cable TV spanned across the country and the Braves became America's Team.

Johnnt Podres #566

I think this is the last card of Johnny Podres and the last card of someone who appeared on the 1955 Dodgers and who was an active manager or coach. (I know I am not counting all those legends sets and sets such as Gypsy Queen etc...). But I think you know what I mean

Bob Rodgers #232

He would lead the Milwaukee Brewers to the 1982 World Series against the St. Louis Cards. He lead the Brewers to the playoffs in 1981. However, after the 1982 World Series his career as a manager faded

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Score Football Lives!!!!

I had missed this when it first was announced on May 11 on the official Panini American Blog. But there will be 2012 Score Football Cards. There was a mistake on the blog - This is the 24th consecutive year for the set. Tying Bowman Baseball (89-present) as the 3rd longest running set ever (behind Topps Baseball and Football). I love the set because the price is right (99 cent packs), the card board is sturdy and no gloss. It is a big set with at least 400 different football players getting a card.

The big mystery is the design - the photo posed on OPAB is above and it is full bleed (which could be a good thing or could be a Pro Set thing). There is also a question about where in the hell is Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Willie Stargell

Pops. I want to sat this was taken at Three Rivers Stadium but they background looks too green. The only other two staduim I think this may have been taken were RiverFront or Veterans Stadium. Willie Stargell died in 2001, on the morning of the first game at PNC Park, I believe

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nolan Ryan #419

This photo is very orangy but to me it is kind of boring and maybe a little blurry but you can definitely see Ryan's face on this card. Nolan received the first million dollar a year contract with the Houston Astros no less in November of 1979.  That is an odd looking scoreboard in the background

Dave Garcia #337

This is not a flattering picture of the Indians manager. I mean he does not have a chin. It is also strange about this card that it appears he maybe wearing a very thin microphone.  He never played in the majors.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Bowman Alex Rodriguez is one cool looking card

Look at the look those fans have on their face as A-Rod come barreling towards them as he reaches for a fall ball. A very cool shot, with young kids and older fans with great expressions on there face.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The earth is cover by 2/3 of water and 1/3 Garry Maddox

One of my favorites lines of all time. Gary was a very good defensive centerfielder in his day. Back facts another tight spring training batting stance shot. Gary is giving us a smile. Back Facts: Prior to last year.had won six consecutive gold gloves.

Dusty Baker #336

Johnnie B. Baker Jr. This card has a little too much shadow.  However it is a nice tight shot of his batting stance during this day light game.

Willie Randolph #461

Willie was a good solid player. Here we have a tight spring training pose of him. I kind of like the positioning of this card. The tip of his cap touches the top of his photo.

Larry Hisle #358

The back of the card says it all> Ha another discourging season in '81, still trying to overcome shoulder problems..Brewers did not activate him for the post season playoffs against the Yankees. Tore the rotator cuff in his shoulder 4/20/79 but did not submit to surgery until 7/23/80

Ralph Houk #282

Ralph Houk not Ralph Mouth. This card just screams the 1950s. It feels like the 1950s based on the Boston uniform, so simple. Ralph turned 40 in 1959. One of the oldest player/coaches featured in this set. Back Facts: His first year managing was 1961 with the Yankees he was 109-53.

Otto Velez #304

The Toronto Blue Jays first big hitting star.In 1977 he had 16-62-.256 stats in only 360 at bats. The Blue of the Jays uniform works well with the Donruss 1982 design. He is playing the Yankees as you can see a few players on the bench.

Jerry Remy #156

Not sure what staduim this photo was taken  but you can see the upper deck on what appears to be a blue sky day. Remy is holding the bat and if you look on the knob you can see the number 2. I think that was his number. Back of his card states he had knee injuries in 1979 and 1980. Was a fast guy

Dave Righetti no-hitter on the fourth of July

This looks like the photo for this card was taken at the Yankee's Spring Training complex. You can see the Yankee logo on the scoreboard. All three card companies captured Righetti on his rookie card in 1982.

Dave Stieb #52

He was probably the Blue Jays first legit star player. He was considered one of the best young pitchers at this time. This phtot gives you a full shot of the Blue Jays uniform, the photo is well prportioned. Just a nice looking card.

Ken Landreaux #388

Another picture from Wrigley Field. This car has a little too much shadow but I do like to see blue ski in the background. He is most remembered for his 31 game hitting streak in 1980.

Brian Downing #115

It was around this time that Brian Downing got into weight lighting and he became the first known baseball player to pump himself up. His home run totals began to take off in the 1980s due to his weight lifting. This is a kind of cool shot with that immense background around his outlined body.

Pedro Guerrero #136

Pedro signed with the Indians in 1972 at age 17 but it was not until 1982 that he played more than 100 games in the majors in a season. He was probably a top 3 player in the National League for 1982 and 1983. I think he got hurt in 1984 but came back strong in 1985. Was this picture taken at Dodger Stadium?

Craig Reynolds #344

One of the best action shots in the set. I would say it is in the Top Three. I want to say that is Frank Taveras of the Mets making a guest appearance on that play. One of the few players too make all stars teams in back to back years (1978-1979)

Freddie Lynn

It was 1975, during his rookie year that Fred Lynn had a monster game in which he hit 3 home runs and had 10 RBIs, I bring this up because of the game Josh Hamilton had this week. Fred won the 1975 MVP with pretty modest stats (25-109-.310, I think) compared to the 1930s and the late 1990s-early 2000s. He was a smooth player had injuries derail a possible hall of fame career.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dennis Eckersley #30

A pretty cool looking card that was taken at Fenway Park. It captures Dennis in his windup during a day game.   Dennis is currently working as an announcer for TBS. Back Facts: He threw a no hitter v. California in 1977.

Richard Dotson

No, not Richard Dawson from Hogan's Heroes.  What I like about this card is that A's logo in the back on the Outfield Wall. For some reason the White Sox Dark Jersey cards don't work well with the Donruss 1982 Design.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2008 Topps Steve Pearce and 2009 Topps Donnie Veal both standing in the same spot one year apart

Look at the background on both of these cards. Look at the Trees on the right. That one tree looks just a little bit taller on the Veal card. But of course it was a year later.

Ivan Dejesus, George Hendrick, Vida Blue Diamond Kings

Here is a nice comparison of some Diamond King cards. The Ivan Dejesus seems the most life like as George Perez was able to get his facial features down to a T. Hendrick does not look like himself. Neither does Blue.