Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sammy Davis Jr vs. Ward Cleaver

It is 60's cool vs. 50's cool. I have become intrigued in the strategy of this national election. How only a few states will decide who wins. It is almost like fantasy baseball. Where do you put your allocation of resources.  For example, I heard that Team Obama is not expanding much resources in Michigan because they feel they are going to win that state. It is like investing money/picks in the saves category in fantasy baseball.  You don't need to win the saves category by 20 saves, you only need to win it by one save. Thus you can expend money/picks in other areas (for the candidates, that is other states.)

In trying to pick a winner of the election, about a year ago I came up with a formula. I figured the closer the stock market was near 12,000 point, the unemployment rate to 9% and gasoline at $4.00 the Replubican candidate would win. The closer the stockmarket was to 14,000 points, the unemployment rate to 8% and gasoline at $3.00, the Democrat will win. Well, I think it is a toss up. Let see how the elections went when compared to Topps baseball cards:

1952 - 10 stars  - Rep (I like Ike)
1956 - 5 stars - Rep (I don't like horizontal cards)
1960 - 5 stars - Dem (ditto)
1964 - 10 stars Dem (love this design)
1968 - 9 stars Rep (love this design)
1972 - 11 stars Rep (Favorite set all time - Nixon?)
1976 - 6 stars Dem (not a Favorite)
1980 - 5 stars Rep (part of the first worst design run 1978-1980  for topps)
1984 - 6 stars Rep (repeat of 83 which is great)
1988 - 7 stars Rep (this was junk wax until I read the 1988 Topps Blog)
1992 - 5 stars Dem (it is O.K. but the end of brown backs)
1996 - 2 stars Dem (I can't even visualize this set)
2000 - 2 stars Rep (was this gold bordered?)
2004 - 5 stars Rep (would have been better if no foil at top of card)
2008 - 10 stars Dem (return to classic design)

The Dem avg - 6.3; The Rep avg 6.6;  Topps baseball card look a little better in years that Republican's won. But it was close.

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