Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Score Football Lives!!!!

I had missed this when it first was announced on May 11 on the official Panini American Blog. But there will be 2012 Score Football Cards. There was a mistake on the blog - This is the 24th consecutive year for the set. Tying Bowman Baseball (89-present) as the 3rd longest running set ever (behind Topps Baseball and Football). I love the set because the price is right (99 cent packs), the card board is sturdy and no gloss. It is a big set with at least 400 different football players getting a card.

The big mystery is the design - the photo posed on OPAB is above and it is full bleed (which could be a good thing or could be a Pro Set thing). There is also a question about where in the hell is Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball.

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