Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Iconic Series: 1981-82 Topps Larry Bird

This should have been Larry Bird's rookie card instead of that perforated monstrosity of a set from 1980-81. Larry's nickname was Kodak at the time (Given to him by Bill Fitch). The beauty of this card is two fold. First you got Larry wearing a cool Celtics warmup jacket. I don't recall seeing that on many cards prior to this. Second and most important is how the photo is transfixed on Bird, giving it a 3-D look. It is the blurry shoulder of another Celtic player in the right corner, the clear look at Bird and then the blurry background of the stands give this card a unique look that was rarely seen up to this time.   

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  1. Nice card. I'm a huge fan of this set. It's affordable (grabbed mine for around $20) and I love that Topps offered regional cards, so it was a challenge to build the set.

    If you're bored, I wrote up a post on this set last year: