Sunday, May 6, 2012

Did You Know that David Wells wore Babe Ruth baseball cap in a Yankee game in 1997.

On June 28, 1997, David Wells of the Yankees wore Babe Ruth's cap in the first inning against the Cleveland Indians. Wells bought the cap that Ruth wore in the early 1930s in 1997 for $35,000. He was fined for wearing it for during the game because it did not conform to the Yankees uniform standards. Wells is now auctioning off the cap to help his old high school. The current bid is $189, 000 (from wire dispatches).

If Topps would win this auction and cut up the cap would with this be the first dual player worn memorabilia card? I don't think there has ever been one created.


  1. Great suggestion. On the other hand, it would be a shame to cut it up. On a silly fictional note, remember when George Costanza wore Ruths uniform on Seinfeld:
    "George tries to get fired, and Steinbrenner initially is pleased with George’s attempts to get canned when he wears Babe Ruth’s uniform and gets strawberry juice on it.

    Steinbrenner: We wanna look to the future, we gotta tear down the past. Babe Ruth was nothing more than a fat old man with little-girl legs. And here's something I just found out recently. He wasn't really a sultan. Ah, what d'you make of that? Hey, check this out. Lou Gehrig's pants. Not a bad fit. Hey, you don't think that nerve disease of his was contagious, do you? Uh, I better take 'em off. I'm too important to this team. Big Stein can't be flopping and twitching."

  2. Ha Ha, that is funny, I loved Seinfeld but for some reason I can't watch the reruns unless it is centered on George's work with the Yankees

  3. I remember reading about him doing that. Can't believe the hat is already at 189k... very smart investment on Wells' part.