Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Don't Want to See Kate Upton Naked (or B J Upton as a matter of fact)

Kate Upton looks so unbelievable in a Bikini that her taking off that top would only be a let down. I don't think that her completely naked would add anything (though I don't doubt there will be topless photos off her at some point floating around) and would probably burst the balloon out of her mystic. If anyone saw her Cat Daddy video on youtube or dance video when she was in the stands at a sporting event would know what I mean.

Which brings us to B J Upton who signed the third largest contract ever for an outfielder under the age of 28. B J Upton has a great looking 2008 Topps Baseball card.    There is something unintentionally bizarre about it. Which brings us to Upton.s game. He is just so unbelievable in September compare to the rest of the months.

His life time OPS is .758. Here are his Sept. OPS averages .821 (2008), .605 (2009), .847 (2010),  1.038 (2011), .941 (2012). He had a great October in 2009.   He has a .554 Slug % in the post season as opposed to a .422 lifetime Slug %.  The guy is just good when the leaves turn brown.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The 20 Greatest Sports Card Blogs of All Time

This is an updated/revised list from my posts from a year ago in November of 2011.  I have been reading Sports Card Blogs daily since early 2008, First, at Baseball Card and now at Bdj610’s blog roll. As I mentioned last year this fact qualifies me as an expert to create this list.  This is a cumulative list from 2008 to 2012.  All Time is a relative term.

First, I would like to say the number of bloggers and posts have increased substantially over the years which makes putting this list together much much harder. Except for the Number 1 (especially) and Number 2 on this list, the distance between number 3 and the honorable mentions is not great.  I believe in mathematical terms this is called regression to the mean.  As I mentioned last year, to make the list it helps to post regularly, be about cards, cards and more cards and view cards in a way to enlighten all of us. 

Without further Freddy Adu here is the list. (The number in parenthesis is where the blog was rated through last year.)

1. Night Owl Cards (if he did not post for another 10 years, he probably still make this list) (1)
2. Wrigley Wax (2)
3. 30 year old cardboard (More posts than anyone) (5)
4. The Topps Archives (4)
5. Card Board Junkie (Election Night, Wacky Packies, Instant Classic) (3)
6. The Chronicles of Fuji (14)
7. The Phillies Room (17)
8. garvey cey russell lopes (-)
9. Cards on Cards (13)
10. Waxacholic (6)
11. 88 Topps Cards (8) (An old time blog that set the standard)
12. Sports Cards Uncensored (7)
13. My 2008 Topps Blog (18)
14. Condition Poor (12)
15. Voice of the Collector – the Anti Beckett (9)
16. Mint Condition (15)
17. A Card Board Problem (10)
18. Bdj610’s Topps Baseball Card Blog (16)
19.  Puck Junk (No Hockey but part of the Rise of the Hockey Card Blogs) (-)
20. Wax Heaven (It looks like Mario is back) (11)

Honorable Mention(or just missing the list) : Can’t Have Too Many Cards; Thorzul Will Rule; Stale Gum; Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle; All About Cards;  The Baseball Card Blog; Orioles Card “O” the Day; oh my o-pee chee;  Section 36; Two Packs a Day; Mark’s Ephemera; Blue Heaven

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Top 10 logo-centric set designs of all time – No. 1 1971-72 Topps Hockey

Probably my favorite designed set of all time. The fonts and colors of the team name at the top works great with this set. This just meshes with probably the greatest use of a teams logo ever. This works because just about ever shot in this set contains a players at least waist up wearing his uniform with his team logo on front. It is never perfectly illustrated better than on Tom Webster Red Wing card here. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Top 10 logo-centric set designs of all time – No. 2 1989-90 Fleer Basketball

The largest team logo’s that were ever featured on any set that I know of. The team logos on these cards are just huge. The logos are colorful and blend well with a well coordinated design. Here on Charles Oakley's card we have a basketball, a head and a huge basketball Knicks Logo.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Top 10 logo-centric set designs of all time – No 3. 1990 Fleer Baseball

(2 heads are better than 1) At Number 3 is 1990 Fleer baseball.  It was this set that made me decide to do this series. This set was produced during the junk wax era. The design is ok. However, when I ever think of baseball team logos, this set pops into my head. It is similar to 1989 Fleer baseball but because the team logos are on a white background they just stand out more. The Indians logo is just amazing (though not politically correct). Here Doug Jones looks like the man with 2 heads.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Top 10 logo-centric set designs of all time – No. 4 - 1972-73 Topps Hockey

In some ways the 1972-73 Topps Hockey set was a fore runner to 1987 Topps baseball design.  These brownish border cards have one large team logo at the bottom of the card. It is interesting here that on this Greg Polis card that the Pens logo is in black and gold. They would not adopt the black and gold colors for their uniforms until 1980.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Top 10 logo-centric set designs of all time – No.5 1987 Topps Baseball

Everybody loves Topps 1987 wood grain baseball card design. However what truly made this set look like a classic was the large team logo on the top of the card. Here on Neil Allen’s card one can see the absolute beauty of the set. A pure double team logo look here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Top 10 logo-centric set designs of all time – No. 6 1990 Fleer Football

In 1990 Fleer came back an used the NFL Helmet like Topps did in 1982 but added a nice coordinated color design on the card and then added a little sparkle to the design (just like the 2011 Topps Short Printed Baseball Cards). I would say the team helmet is just a tad smaller on this card set than 1982 Topps but the overall team coordinated colors look better than that set. This set is classy looking design that also incorporates Topps 1970 circular design look. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Top 10 logo-centric set designs of all time – No. 7. 1989 Fleer Baseball

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Fleer made great use of a sports team logo and 1989 Fleer baseball was another great look. A decent sized team logo on the top left of the card was prominent with the added slanted line above and below the player photo gives an enhanced look to the design.

There is Something About Jill Kelley

With the revelation that the FBI agent who was sent to investigate threatening emails that Jill Kelley received, sent her emails/text of himself partially clothed (in what turns out to be  US Generals sex scandel).  This reminds me of the movie Something About Mary.

This situation reminds me of the character Matt Dillon was playing in the movie. He was investigating Mary for Ben Stiller's character and in the process falls for her. This would eventually lead to the suprise appearance of Brett Favre at the end of the movie. Brett Fave at the end of his football career would be investigated for sending nude pictures of himself through emails/texts to a female Fox Sportscaster.

What irony.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Top 10 logo-centric set designs of all time – No. 8. 1979-80 Topps Hockey

In 1979-80 Topps made great use of the NHL’s logo in this blue border set. In some of the photos you get to get the double team logo look. Here the Canadians logo in prominent on Jarvis’s jersey and on the card design. The logos are of a decent size on these cards.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Top 10 logo-centric set designs of all time – No. 9. 1982 Topps Football

This is the NFL helmet design set. Remember going to the store as a kid and putting a quarter in one of the red and glass machines and out popped an plastic replica NFL helmet. Well that is what this set design reminds me of.  I would wish the helmet was made even larger  on the card but it is still cool looking. 2011 Score Football used a similar design a long the lines of the helmet but smaller with a color coded the background. 2011 Score Football just missed this list.

I don't know who Jennifer Korbin is, but I love her, This is why we serve. Happy Veterans Day (and 4th of July)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Top 10 logo-centric set designs of all time – No. 10. 2000 Fleer Focus Baseball

This and upcoming posts are about the tops 10 greatest set designs that makes use of a sports team logo. At Number 10 we have the 2000 Fleer Focus Baseball set. It is a simple design that makes absolute great use of the teams hats. You get to all MLB  teams hats in this 220 card set. I only wish the hats would appear larger portion on the card.

1982 Donruss Diamond Kings made Dave Kingman look presentable

When I think of Dave Kingman the words shaggy and haggard come to mind. He was never a pleasure to the eye.  However, this card seems to smooth out the rough edges of Kingman and have him come across as a nice glowing guy. As opposed to the baseball player who sent a dead rat in an enclosed box to a sports writer during his playing days.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The M&M boys are back in LA

Mark McGwire joins Don Mattingly's coaching staff in Los Angeles. These M&M boys hit 805 lifetime home runs. They came up short of topping the lifetime total of the original M&M boys Mantle and Maris whom hit 811 home runs combined.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Electoral College, Fantasy Baseball, Moneyball, and The Greek God of Walks

Keith Youkilis was known as the Greek God of Walks (even though he is Jewish and is married to Tom Brady's sister) in Moneyball. Moneyball was about finding value in under valued players. You allocate your resources to acquire the under value players and not allocate your resources in over priced players. Thus, you need to know how and where to correctly allocate your resources.

The Moneyball concept works well in winning a national election with the Electoral College and Fantasy Baseball.  In Fantasy Baseball you need to win specific catagories such as Home Run. If you win the Home Run Catagory by 1 home run  you get the same amount of points if you win it by 50 home runs. There is no need to win a catagory by that much so you try to balance your team with other players who can help you win or do well in other categories.

With the Electoral College, Presidential Candidates allocate resources to states that they can win by small amounts. They usually don't allocate resources to States where they know they are going to win or not win. It is the small number of states that it is uncertain who will win where they allocate there resources. Thus using the Moneyball concept you allocate your resources where you can get your best value in Presidential Elections and Fanstasy Baseball. .

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Greatest Black Field Goal Kicker of All-Time: Gene Mingo

I just saw an article that stated Justin Medlock of the Carolina Panthers was the first Black field goal kicker to be drafted by the NFL. He was drafted a few years ago but he has finally got a chance to play with the Panthers. He kicked 5 field goals last week.

The Buccaneers had Donald Igwaubee (sp?) a few years ago. He is the only other Black Kicker that I know of. In 1962, Gene Mingo kicked 27 field goals shattering Lou Groza record of 23 field goals in 1953

Dave Winfield

This photo shows you the great length of WInfield who was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks and Minnesota Vikings but ended up playing baseball. I never thought Winfield was a great player but he was very very good. This photo is very well center and just a nice card