Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Greatest Black Field Goal Kicker of All-Time: Gene Mingo

I just saw an article that stated Justin Medlock of the Carolina Panthers was the first Black field goal kicker to be drafted by the NFL. He was drafted a few years ago but he has finally got a chance to play with the Panthers. He kicked 5 field goals last week.

The Buccaneers had Donald Igwaubee (sp?) a few years ago. He is the only other Black Kicker that I know of. In 1962, Gene Mingo kicked 27 field goals shattering Lou Groza record of 23 field goals in 1953


  1. Igwaubee and Obed Ariri,1981 ROUND 7 BY TAMPA BAY.

  2. Never took the time to think about it... but you're right. Can't think of any black place kickers.

    However... there was the time that Chad Johnson kicked that PAT. That guy does everything... scores touchdowns, creates cool TD celebrations, plays soccer, rides bulls, dances on TV, and if that weren't enough... he can even kick a football.