Sunday, October 7, 2012

The 10 greatest football cards of the 1980s - No. 2 - 1982 Topps Wes Chandler (IA)

This photo was taken from the November 8, 1981 game between Cincinnati and San Diego at San Diego and not the 1981 playoff game in sub zero weather in Cincinnati between the same 2 teams. There are cards that have tried to duplicate this type of shot (1997 Michael Irvin Collectors Choice, and a couple of recent Topps cards involving Darrel Revis and Larry Fitzgerald) but this still seems to be the master.  It is poetry in motion. Chandler seems to be 36-40 inches off the ground with an incredible vertical leap. The added plus of this card is the touchdown marker as a point of reference. I still 30 years later look at this card in awe and I don't think I have seen a football card action shot top this since.

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