Monday, August 20, 2012

The Top 10 Ground Breaking Years in Sports Cards - No 3: 1981

With the entry of Donruss and Fleer. Topps had competition for the first time since 1955. Topps would have competition in the baseball market for the next 29 years until get an exclusive license in 2010.

The funny thing about this was it was Fleer who sued to be allowed to produce individual player cards but it was Donruss that got out of the gate first with their set.  Donruss would give us a set that was never seen before. The card stock was white and very thin but the fronts were very colorful. The Fleer lawsuit had another effect on the hobby. It gave the hobby media attention what it did not have before. This led to people pulling their old cards out of the attic and help fuel the rise of card shows, card shops and flea markets where sports cards exchanged hands.

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