Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Top 10 Ground Breaking Years in Sports Cards - No. 5 - 1989

Upper Deck Baseball in the Spring of 1989, showed up with a higher cost, higher quality card stock with large photos and holograms on the back. It initially seemed to dwarf all the other card sets out there. It seemed to be a big upgrade from 1988 Score Baseball which offered color photos on the back. The one dollar per pack cost (I think they were supposed to be 89 cents a pack but they were never sold that way) was something that was never seen before. It also helped fuel the over production of cards during this period. This would begin to change sports card era forever. 

Pro Set and NBA Hoops (their initial sets) were the firsts set to be called the official cards of their leagues respectively (NFL, NBA).  I remember buying Sports Collectors Digest which had a feature on the Pro Set cards in the summer of 1989. Jerry Rice’s card was the lead promo card with the tag line You have never seen football cards like these before. I think that was true

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