Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Topps Why

Over on Atlanta Sports Card Blog, it was posted that Topps will make Bowman Draft a Hobby exclusive product. After collecting the Bowman regular set, collectors who want Bowman Draft will not be able to find them in stores. Thus, no more value packs with 3 purple chrome extras. Say what you want about Bowman, Draft  (and Bowman Chrome), I think they are Topps best baseball brands.  The Chrome cards hold their value. The parallels are more collectible than the inserts in the Topps brand. Bowman is a fun easy to understand collectible set. Pulling Bowman Draft from the stores shelves now maybe a signal that Topps may pull the whole Bowman brand from the stores make it a hobby only product. That would be a shame but possibly a signal of something brewing in the Hobby Industry

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