Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bill Buckner

There has been a story going around the web about some kids in Kenya reenacting the 1986 World Series play involving Buckner. My Buckner moment occured in 1980. I told a kid in school I knew everything about baseball. (The summer before I found the 1969 Baseball Encyclopedia at the library and during 6 weeks in the summer, I memorized it. - Always I had all the stats for the 1970s on the back of my cards). So he tried to test me.  His first questioned that he asked me was "Did Bill Buckner use to be fast"  I answer yes (correctly) as he stole over 20 bases in 1974 (I believe now). It would be a little time after that I think he blew out his knee. 

Here he is with the Cubbies in the position he made famous in 1986.

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