Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ricky Henderson v. Mark McGwire (a new stat)

OPS. I like OPS and any new stat but this stat is not an end all be all stat. Mark McGwire ranks 10th all time in OPS and Ricky Henderson is 300th. Ricky Henderson was better than Mark McGwire and I think McGwire easily deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.  Here is a new extended statistic that I think should be used in conjuntion with OPS. It would take into account baserunning and I would call the stat OPSB. I would add/ create a baserunning pct stat. It would be Stolen bases + Runs minus HR /divided by (AB + BB). The runs minus HR is the hidden base that is never accounted for in Baseball Statistics Lexion. It is a measure of a player getting on base but also getting around the bases. Getting around the bases is not accounted for in OPS. Lets look at Henderson v. McGwire.

Henderson AB 10961 R 2295 H 3055 TB 4588 BB 2190 HR 257 SB 1406 PA 13151
McGwire AB 6187 R 1167 H 1626 TB 3639 BB 1317 HR 583 SB 12 PA 7504

Henderson OBA .398 SLUG .418 = .816
McGwire OBA .392 SLUG .588 = .980

Lets look at there baserunning averages.

Henderson 1406 + (2295-257) / 13151 = .261
McGwire 12 + (1167-583) / 7504 = .079

Lets add BR Aver to OPS and you get.

Henderson = 1.077 (or average of all there stats = .359)
McGwire = 1.059 (or average of all three stats = .353)

See I told (knew) you that Henderson was a better player. He also had a nice baseball card

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