Sunday, June 17, 2012

Topps Rookie Logo Card Rules Explained

Bret Lawrie has a rookie card logo on his 2012 Bowman card but he is not a rookie in 2012. How does this work.  This is a description of how and when a player gets a rookie logo card.  If the player is a major league rookie on the opening day roster, the player will get a rookie card logo in Series 2 of Topps (and in Bowman Draft) of that year. If the player makes his major league rookie debut some time after opening day and up until early August of the year, the player will get his rookie card logo in the Topps update set of  that year (and in Bowman Draft.). If a player makes his major league rookie debut in late August or September of the year, the the player receive his rookie logo card in series 1 of the Topps set next year (and the next years Bowman set). Lawrie falls in the last category, he appeared in 43 games in 2011 (coming up in late August) and thus exhausting his rookie eligibility but getting his rookie logo card in Series 1 of Topps and in 2012 Bowman. 

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