Sunday, January 22, 2012

The top 10 greatest Football Cards of the 1970s. No #1 - 1977 Topps Mark Van Eeghen

First, this is just a great action shot of a running back picking up yardage with some great blocking. Second, this photo is from a  Super Bowl  game (XI -though the kind of game stunk). Third, it is an error card (kind of). In the 1977 set cards of players who gained 1000 yard rushing the year before(1976), received a round black circle blurb about rushing for 1000 yards. Van Eeghen ran for 1000 yards the year before but for some reason the notation on the front of his card was missing. He was the only 1000 yard rushers missing one.  This card with straight line of sight view gives the card an added dimension.  The extra added bonus: Mud - Mark’s arm is covered with mud which is also on his uniform.  All these factors make this the greatest Football Card of the 1970s.


  1. I love the '77 Topps football set. My favorite football set of all-time.

  2. Great list.
    I would also add

    1978 Ted Albrecht-in action from season's last game, an OT win over the Giants, which put the Bears in the playoffs

    1974 Bob Windsor-shown tackling a Charger, although 1973 game logs don't show him playing in the game against the Chargers. Extra points for big "Bob Windsor #1" banner in the background

    1973 (or 1977) Scott Hunter (great QB shots)