Thursday, January 19, 2012

The top 10 greatest Football Cards of the 1970s. No #6 - 1976 Topps J J Jones.

Who? The fact that Joe Namath after 1973 did not give Topps permission to use his image on their cards and the fact he got hurt so much gave chances to other players to appear on cards. Another great action shot like Lee, this one shows a lot more mud and grass plus an oncoming pass rusher. It is also of note that Jones is an African American QB. I think he was the second African American QB to appear on a Topps card.


  1. Another great choice and this also leads to interesting stories.
    As a kid, I had no idea why Namath stopped appearing on cards. I found it so odd.
    In 1976, both Al Woodall and Jones appeared on Topps cards, even though Woodall last played (and only 3 games) in 1974.
    Sadly Jones died in a suspicious house fire a couple years back.
    Actually, I think Jones was the third AA qb, behind James Harris (LA) and Joe Gilliam (Pitts).

  2. Another great card that I had autographed! I had a great phone conversation with JJ a few yrs before he died...will never forget when he said that some players would not tell Namath where the party was because he always stole the best girls...white AND black, LOL! CLASSIC!