Sunday, January 29, 2012

Has the lack of Basketball Product affected the value of Ricky Rubio’s rookie cards.

I would answer an astounding YES. Without any basketball cards so far this year to chase, collectors are going to the past. There were last week on ebay 197 sales of Ricky Rubio’s regular 2009-10 Topps rookie card. I just looked at sales that had that card or lots of that card only in them. I did not include graded cards or gold cards. The average selling price (not including shipping) was $4.03. Not Bad for a regular rookie card.

What was more astounding were sales of his  regular Topps Chrome rookie card (these sales did not include graded, refractor, or gold cards). There were 15 ebay sales last week for an average price of $51.75. 50 Bucks for a regular chrome card. Wow. (Granted the chrome was limited to 999 – but that is still a lot of money)  I think having less product out there is giving more value to the collector.

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