Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is the guy that is most like Tebow

I think we have seen a quarterback like Tim Tebow before and his name was Slash. They are different but they are some what the same. Both were great running quarterbacks. Both are/were at best average passers. Slash was smaller, faster, quicker and had a better arm. Tebow is left handed, bigger and stronger and a more powerful runner. When Slash appeared we never saw a QB like him. Now that Tebow is here I don't think we have ever seen a QB like him. Slash took the Steelers to 2 AFC Championship games and was done as a starting QB by age 30. We will see if Tebow can top that record.

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  1. If anyone wants some Kordell cards I had a rather large collection of them back when he was a star.