Thursday, September 15, 2011

What does the Panini deal with MLBPA mean to Baseball cards.

I was listening to Fox Sports about 4:00pm today when they were interviewing Josh Hamilton of the Rangers. I heard him mention Panini and baseball cards, I really was not sure what it meant but then I checked out their blog which states they are back in the game.

There is a photo of a Hamilton card, no logos and only the Texas name in the corner , on Panini website (see below). What they card looks like though is fun and collectible. I like the design (it looks nostalgic and it looks better than Topps 2012) and I hope they will put out a set with all the stars on all the teams.  I am hoping for at least a 200-300 card set and maybe next year a large 500-900 card set. With designs like that, We dont need logo's

Just like Bart Scott says Can't Wait.

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