Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Iconic series: 1972 Topps Willie McCovey

Willie’s nickname was Stretch and this card is exactly that. Willie appears to be stretching away or slightly falling backwards as he is playing catch along the third base line (yes, every time I see this card I think Willie is standing along the third base line. Because if he was along the first base line looking home his left arm would be next to the stands – I am assuming the person taking the picture was standing towards home looking out. – The other possibility is the person taking the picture is facing Home Plate and Willie is actually throwing the ball towards the outfield).

Great card design and unique photo easily beats his 1960 vertical rookie card as his most iconic card. I think his 1969 Topps card, his MVP year is probably his second most iconic to this card.

Also, it was easy to pick this card as Willie’s most iconic because Beckett magazine for a couple of years featured this card in its advertisement for its grading program

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  1. The first 1972 card I ever owned. Great card ... for a Giant.