Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Football Card Price Guide History: 2000 Score Tom Brady

I have included the short printed Scoreboard version of his Score card (because there just were not many sales).  Thus I will give you numbers for both kinds of his 2000 Score rookie card (regular and Score board)

11/2008 Beckett Sports Card Monthly              $20.00-40.00
10/2010 Beckett Sports Card Monthly              $15.00-40.00
Last week on Ebay (avg price)   regular           $28.49 (4 sales)
Last week on Ebay (avg price)   Scoreboard   $65.50 (4 sales)

There are not many of these cards around or being sold but if you were lucky enough to pull a Brady for these low end set you were lucky. Note the rookie cards were short printed in this set just like the rookie cards in 2011 Score football but much the 2000 rookies are more rare.

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