Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bill Lee #194 (Redux)

Photo Front: A posed head shot with him holding his glove up chest high. The glove was a Rawlings. The incredible thing about this glove is that the word Montanez appears written on it. So Bill Lee in (Spring Training 1981) posed for this card using/wearing Willie Montanez's glove (Willie began the season with the Expos). (Hopefully Photo's to Follow). This appears to be a spring training shot with large white building top in the backgroud.   The classic Expos logo appears on his cap.

Card Back: It appears Bill was a great college with USC in 1968. Bill was also the third Bill Lee in his family.

Bateman Comments: There is no mention anywhere on this card of his nickmane "Spaceman".
*note this is one of my first posts, it did not have the photo of the card with it, I have updated the post with the photo so you can see the glove

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