Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tommy Davis #648 (Tommy v. Tom)

One of the cool things that the 982 Donruss baseball set had were coaches cards. Here on this card Tommy Davis is giving a stern look as he appears to be trying not to laugh.

His card gives you a double dose of the Mariner logo, and the stadium background is identifiable but I can’t remember which stadium featured the Phillips 76 logo that isprominent in the background.

Also, it is interesting that Tommy is referred to as Tommy as opposed to Tom. On the back of his card his name is listed as Tommy Davis. I guess the name Tommy is a name within itself. While Tom is short for Thomas.


  1. Cool card. I never saw it before. I love the coaches cards.

  2. The stadium is Comisky Park. I did not notice the Phillips 76 logo, but I see the exploding fireworks part of the scoreboard.