Sunday, August 7, 2011

Phil Garner #544

Probably the most famous error card from this set. This is the correct version. The error card had Garner throwing the other way. Also, this card fails to depict Garner in a Astro uniform, he had been acquired in Sept of 1981 for Johnny Ray. Ray appears in the set as a Pirate. Garner was airbrushed as a Astro in the Topps set and Fleer got him actually in an Astro uniform in a blurry oddly placed photo. Donruss correctly had his team designation on the front.

On the back of the card it only lists the Astro’s as the team he played for in 1981. I don’t think Donruss had much of an idea what to do with Garner’s card. They don’t seem to airbrush (see next post), and they did not have a photo of him in an Astro uniform, so maybe this confusion led to the error/variation front photo and the error back team listing.

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