Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Previous Post was more of a Dream (and just a little bit of speculation).

I was reading Stale Gum’s post quoting a Topps representative at the National that 2012 Topps was going to be a “Game Changer”. After, I read the post I fell asleep began dreaming.

The keys to identify that what I wrote was not based in factual reality but in a dream reality was identified by the 5 Celebrity autographs that I stated would be inserted into every other case.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio starred in Inception (a movie about a dream) and this is also a dig at an upcoming Topps football product.

2. Robin Williams starred in a movie called What Dreams May Come.

3. Judy Garland starred in the Wizard of Oz, in which the land of Oz takes place in her head.

4. Patrick Duffy appeared in the shower in a opening scene in a opening season of the TV series Dallas, which then explained that the whole freaking season prior was just a dream.

5. Bruce Willis was in the movie The Sixth Sense, he was not dreaming, he was dead but he did not know it until the end.   

I think what I wrote was all plausible and I think collectors would like it if that was the configuration of 2012 Topps.

What will 2012 Topps look like? I not sure but I think there maybe some of the items that I mentioned in my prior post that might be incorporated into the set.  I think there will be more series and different types of inserts (Bowman?) and removing of foil stamping which could reduce the cost per card per pack. Topps may (or should) make changes that puts the spotlight on the flagship base brand. All other Topps brands (even Bowman) should  revolve and bow down around the flagship set. That would be a Game Changer

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  1. Hah. Well, If only. I think some of those would be awesome changes. Too bad I doubt I will happen.