Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Iconic Series: 1973 Topps Joe Namath

Probably the second coolest card ever made next to the 1972 Topps Clemente. Yes, Joe was overrated, Yes, he probably only had one or two great years but he does belong in the Hall of Fame.

Joe was not a player, not a man,  Joe Namath was more like a lifestyle. Joe Namath represents a time period, the late 1960s. Joe appeared in commercials with Farrah Fawcett (when she was at her hottest – not those Charlie Angel years or that bedroom poster Farrah) and on the iconic TV series The Brady Bunch. Joe was so cool that he lived in Alabama for about 4 years and picked up a southern accent that has never left his speech.


Look at this card, with him wearing that tussle cap (he was probably on the sideline injured as he was most of his career). You can see the J and you can see the O and well you know what the other letter is.

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