Friday, August 12, 2011

The Iconic Series: 1979 Topps George Brett or How Donruss loved this card so much they remade it in 1982

In my mind, George Brett is forever linked to Robin Yount because both came out of that classic 1975 Topps Set. While I Believe  Robin’s 1975 Topps card is his most iconic, I don’t believe that 1975 Topps is Brett’s most iconic card. Nor do I believe that his 1980 Topps card during his MVP year is his most iconic.

I think it is this card. It is an odd angled photo showing Brett crouching at third base, just a wonder action shot for a late 1970s card. It also has that wonderful ALL-STAR banner that I wish Topps would bring back running along near the bottom of the card just above his name. In 1979, George was emerging as a dominant player as he had a great statistical year.

Also, this was the first single card I ever bought through the mail to help complete my baseball set back in 1979.

Also for Donruss in 1982, they loved this card so much that they remade it. There are few little things that are different as George has both feet on the ground and he is holding his glove up higher but it is almost like seeing double.

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  1. The first Brett card I think of is his '77 Topps card. It's his first one with the All-Star logo and it really was the point when all little kids knew exactly who he was. Or maybe that was just me with my new friend who had just moved from Kansas and was a Royals freak.