Monday, September 24, 2012

I love looking at Duke Snider's year by year statistics.

From ages 22 to 25 Duke Snider put up some nice stats for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Having at least 21 HR and 92 RBI every year. Then from 1953-1957 Duke went on one of the most incredible and unique 5 year runs in baseball statisical history.

1953 (42-126-.336)
1954 (40-130-.341)
1955 (42-136-.309)
1956 (43-101-.292)
1957 (40- 92-.274)

I don't think any player finished in the 40s for Home Runs for 5 years in a row.  I doubt any player has even been within 3 home runs seasonly over a five year period. Also, you can see that Duke's statistics were slowly decreasing.

Then at age 31. Duke career fell off the face of the earth. Parly because of age, partly because of injuries and partly because of the LA Coliseum. Because of the dimension of the Coliseum Duke's power numbers were diminished.

1958 (15-58..312)
1959 (23-88-.308)
1960 (14-36-.243)

I think don't think any other player in history was diminshed like Duke from a change of scenery like him going  from the Polo Grounds to the LA Coliseum.

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