Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey Panini, Basketball is a vertical game leave the Horizontal cards out

Ever since the 1971 Topps Baseball set we have had many sets with veritical and horizontal cards. I personally hate this. I especially agreed that horizontal cards have no place in Basketball cards. 2012-13 Prestige would have been a great set without the horizontal cards. This looks like half a card.

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  1. The way Panini designs cards, I agree. They rarely show more than just the player. It all comes down to the photography and what parts of the photos make the card. Look at the 2008 Topps Pete Maravich. The horizontal card is way better than the vertical Chrome version.

    Also check out 2007-08 Stadium Club. There are several cards (Isiah Thomas is a great example) that show horizontal can work. The problem is that Panini is clueless on card design. They like to overdesign the borders and frames and gadgets while completely killing the image.

    That card above is ugly regardless of orientation.