Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 Score Malcom Floyd - Cheerleader's Bare Mid-Driff Edition

Back in 2009, Topps put out an insert set in its base football set of NFL Cheerleaders. I thought about collecting that insert set but did not, I do have one card from the set of a Jacksonville Cheerleader (I think).

Well 2012 Score does give us shot of a Dolphins (I think)cheerleader .  Just below and above Malcom's outstretched left leg. That women definitely works out and has a great looking mid-driff.


  1. that's Qualcom stadium in San Diego, so it's a Charger Girl.

  2. Dolphins cheerleader... Charger Girl... who cares? She could be a San Jose Saberkitten and I'd still have to wipe the drool from my chin.

    This could be a fun, little project... cards with cheerleaders in the background.