Sunday, December 4, 2011

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

It has been a question that I have been contemplating since the early 1980s probably since just after Star Trek 2, the Wrath of Khan came out. The Simple Question that I ask is Who would Win. Who would Win in a battle. Which Technology was more advanced.  I think the tide for me turned on that question in the late 1980s, when the Star Trek the Next Generation was on TV. Star Trek TNG was set about 70 year in the future of the original Star Trek. The Enterprise was new and improved.  I felt that that Enterprise could take out any Imperial Cruiser that the Emperor could throw at the Federation. I mean that Raggedy Tag Millennium Falcon was able to outrun the Empire. There are three major problems that I had with my theory.

1. In the Star Wars universe, forces seemed to rely on a multitude of single piloted fighter. While in the Star Trek universe, they were non-existent. The Answer: Maybe in the Star Trek Universe the ships phasers would take out a fleet of ships. Remember,  It seemed to me that in Star Trek it was a lot easier for them to reach warp drive then in Star Wars for them to reach hyperspace.

2. The Force: This seemed to be an initial problem for me but then I thought what the premise of the Force was. An Aura around us that controls all living things. I think the Key is living things. That is where Data (from TNG) comes in. I think Data some how or way would come up of some sort of way to negate the Force. Or at least make it a neutral factor by explaining it.

3. The Death Star. This is a real problem for the theory. I don’t recall any weapon in the Star Trek universe that matches the Death Star. However, I thought about one of ST adversaries, the Borg. The Borg basically went planet to planet and extracted all resources from the planet and assimilated in to the collective hive. They seemed  just as powerful as what the Death Star could do and just as ruthless.

Still today, I think the Star Trek universe would beat the Star Wars universe but it would be a very close call. Oh, but I would love to see the Movies. 

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  1. Puhleeease.......
    Picard and Janeway would eat Deathstars for breakfast.