Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2008 Topps Set and The Pittsburgh Pirates (update)

(This is an update of an original post I had in April since then the Pirates had acquired Brandon Boggs, Nick Evans and (Harvey Garcia who  I missed in April)) –

with the Pirates acquiring Brandon wood I have noticed that they have acquired a lot of young players since 2008, who appeared for different teams in the 2008 Topps baseball set. I have listed the players, card no, team, and if they had the rookie card logo.
2008 Topps Set
74 Garrett Atkins - Rockies **
102 Ross Olendorf - Yankees (rookie card logo)
126 Brandon Jones - Braves (rookie card logo)

129 Kevin Hart - Cubs (rookie card logo)
162 Andy Laroche - Dodgers
186 Lasting Milledge - Mets
243 Akinori Ikwamura - Rays
286 Jeff Clement - Mariners (rookie card logo)
351 Bobby Crosby - A's
437 Brandon wood - Angels
457 Josh Fields - white Sox
492 Harvey Garcia – Marlins (rookie card logo)
608 Brian Burres -Twins

*Pirates with the rookie card logo(Steve Pearce, Nyjer Morgan, Evan Meek)
**Ok not so young.
I counted 55 players with the rookie card logos and (7) /8 would play for the Pirates

For Good Measure (the following would become Pirates)

2008 Bowman Draft*
12 Chris Carter - Red Sox (rookie card logo)
16 Nick Evans – Mets (rookie card logo)
38 Jonathan Van Every - Red Sox (rookie card logo)
51 Charlie Morton - Braves (rookie card logo)
*note there was not one Pirate in the Bowman Draft set
2008 Topps Update

UH111 Brandon Boggs (rookie card logo)
UH309 John Bowker (rookie card logo)

(1 Pirate with rookie card logo Brian Bixler)
That is 12 /15 different players with rookie card logos from the 2008 sets who would be property of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
The Pirates also just acquired Xaiver Paul who had a rookie card in the 2009 Topps update set to go along with former Dodger James McDonald who had a rookie card in the 2009 Topps set. A few days ago the Pirates just traded for Casey Maghee who had a rookie card in 2009 Bowman Draft.  

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