Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Best Reggie Jackson Cards of All Time Numbers 1 through 3.

Reggie has been in the news of late. Has Reggie been banned from the Yankees. Well he was not banned here and there are no Yankee uniforms in the top 3. It is all A's baby.
 At Number 1 is his Kelloggs 3-D Super Star card. He is in his full glory, the appearance of the shades, coming off his MVP season, how the blue border design contrasts with his green and yellow uniform.
 Here comes Reggie busting through the Sporting News as an All-Star based on his 47 home runs he hit in 1969. I believe he had 37 by the All-Star break.
I was tempted to make this his number on card but you could not get it in packs. The Canseco card is a classic from this (classic wood grain design) set but I think Reggie's card is even better. I forgot he went back to the A's as number 44.

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  1. Great post. One of these days I'll have to follow in your footsteps and post some of my favorite Reggie cards. Except my list will only have him pictured in his Oakland uniform ;-)