Monday, July 9, 2012

The Best Reggie Jackson Cards of All Time Numbers 4 through 9.

At Number 9 is his Donruss 1982 card capturing Jackson in his classic swing

Number 8: is his 1978 Kellogs 3-D , I think it is the pose and the design that turns me on.
No 7: This is almost the same shot as 1982 Donruss, but the Topps 1984 design works better with Angel colors than Donruss 1982 works with Yankee colors
No 6: His World Series Glory

No 5: The classics early 1970s A's uniforms, on the Great 1971 Topps design, can't get any better than this .

No 4: The 1988 Fleer design works incredibly well with the A's and a 41 year old Reggie Jackson tipping his cap and walking off into the sunset on his last card. (He was not in 1988 Topps and Donruss - Score does not count because that was their first set.

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