Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dan Meyer

This is not a bad Donruss 1982 card. Most have a blurry image but this one is kind of clear. There is a Yankee making a guest appearance on this card. Look into the dugout and you can see him


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  2. Oh oh! This photo is from May 16, 1981 ...'s the only time he played in Yankee Stadium that season (and we can see enough of the Mariners logo on his cap to be sure this isn't an old 1980 picture). To top it off, he only had 1 plate appearance in that game, so we can be sure this is the 9th inning and he just slapped a grounder to first base off Goose Gossage.... to end the game.

    I LOVE cards that have enough detail for tracking down a date, but this one can even be tracked to an exact AB.