Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brian Kingman #87

A super down the line posed shot where the background on this card makes it quite unusual. You can see the words on the outfield wall stating “CORNER SALOON”. The card captures the lower deck and upper deck of what I think maybe Comisky Park? (help me out Wrigley Wax). It is a before game shot as you can see the fans milling around in the stands. Back Facts: Born July 27, 1954.


  1. Definitely Comiskey. The Corner Saloon was a Bill Veeck addition.

  2. As I remeber it Kingman had thrown a shutout at Comiskey Park the year before and the next day bought a round of deinks for everyone in the Corner Saloon. The Topps photographer was familar with the story and included the Saloon in the shot.