Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 20 greatest Sports Card Blogs of all time - #2 Wrigley Wax

Probably a surprising choice and I even surprised myself when I kept moving it up higher and higher as one of the all-time Sports Blogs. Could it be the Wrigley Banner on the top and the green ivy sides?  There is something intoxicating about the look of the blog.  It is the lite version of the number 1 all time sports card blog (you have figured it out which blog that will be, haven’t you). On a monthly basis,  It provides the monthly and yearly total selling price of all regular Topps baseball sets from 1969 to present on ebay. This in essence would be the first accurate price guide/true market value ever produced. This information provided is more accurate than what Beckett has ever provided in any magazine. 

It has been around since January of 2009, it constantly puts out at least 30 posts a month since then. The two months it did not reach 30 posting, Wrigley Wax posted 29 times. The post always seem to be short succinct and to the point, giving more information per word than any other blog. It is just an enjoyable read. It tends to go against one of my criteria (diversity) but it does what it does soooooo gooood! It is the Albert Pujols of blogs. It is slanted to the Cubbies (not necessarily a bad thing). but every post is a solid post about cards, cards and more cards.

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