Sunday, November 6, 2011

The 20 greatest Sports Card Blogs of all time - #20. Crinkly Wrapper/This Card is Cool (tie)

 I have been reading Sports Card Blogs every day now religiously for a little over three years (particularly the Sports Card Blog Roll). That means two things:

First, that qualifies me as an Expert.
Second, since over three years has passed, this qualifies as a long time and enough time to do an All Time List.


Third, the NBA is locked out and people need a diversion.

The criteria for the list is based on a few things including longevity, frequency of posting, the contents of the post (it has to be about cards, by cards, of cards), presentation of the blog (how the blog looks, i.e. the physical look and feel of the blog), trend setting, originality and intangibles (does the blog make you look at cards in the way you never did before). I plan to write a little blurb about each blog on the list. First up a tie for number 20.

Crinkly Wrappers uses the awesome T206 cards as a banner and it gives you that great white print on black background look.  We get constant posts from CW and we get blog post about what we want cards, cards and more cards (I loved the recent 2010 Topps legends variations posts) . CW is relatively new as it has been around since June of 2010.

This Card is Cool blog is the only blog in the top 20 that started in 2011. Though he recently changed his banner, his old banner based on the 1974 design was breath taking. A manic poster, he puts out the blog posts at a rate sometimes over 70 a month. Thus, This Card is Cool is able to cover a wide variety about cards.

Honorable Mention: garvey cey russell lopes; Lost Collector; Dinged Corners; Bad Wax; Too Many Grandersons; Jongey's Beat


  1. I'm looking forward to reading this series... I can always use a few more quality blogs to add to my daily reading list. Both of today's choices are on my list too... and I agree... they're damn good.

  2. Cool. I am very proud to come in as an Honorable Mention, especially considering that before I started Johngy's Beat, I had no idea how to make a custom card. Thank you for this honor and the mention!

  3. Dude! Thanks! And I'm surprised someone liked my old banner. I appreciate all the support everyone's provided over the past several months. And I gotta agree on Crinkly Wrappers - it's a great read. Really, most blogs are. We're a talented bunch. I second Fuji on looking forward to the rest of the series! (And thanks, Fuji, for your comment!)

  4. Thanks for the honorable mention nod - I appreciate it!

  5. Thanks a ton man, it's awesome to even be considered for the list, never mind make it! Everyone on the blog-o-sphere here does a great job and while some are better than others, we all do a great job of writing, trading and most importantly, collecting about our favorite cards, teams and players.

  6. i'll take the honorable mention - thanks!