Saturday, November 12, 2011

The 20 greatest Sports Card Blogs of all time - #14. The Chronicles of Fuji

 The Chronicles of Fuji probably has the most single identifiable blog  presentation logo/moniker ever created. His use of the 2008 Topps design and cartoon graphic to provide his moniker for his blog is an iconic identity. His blog also has the cool, white lettering on black background blog presentation look with other colors used intermittently on different words. His blog posts tend to be in greater length than other bloggers posts and at the end of the blog post he usually presents the reader with a chance to answer a question pertaining to collecting or sports. Thus, he seeks much interaction with his readers. He tends to give some focus to the junk wax era  and he has features about cards which covers the gambit of all four major sports and non sports issues. This blog is one of the most diversified about cards out there.   He presents a sports card blog with topic matters and a look that is uniquely situated.

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  1. Domo arigato John... I can't believe I made the list. Thanks so much for supporting the blog and keep up the great blog yourself.