Monday, March 25, 2024

The NBA cheated again last night for the Los Angeles Lakers

 What is going on in Sports. Does anyone really believe that Ohtani new nothing about the gambling. 

How could someone negotiate a 700 million dollar contract (defer 680 million of it) be so naive. 

It does not make sense.

What also does not make sense is how did the Pacers shoot only 16 foul shots while the Lakers shot 43. The Pacers committed 31 fouls and the Lakers only 14 in last nights game.

The Lakers are being called foul on only 15.8 times a game. THE LOWEST PER GAME FOUL RATE IN NBA HISTORY - OF Course they have the largest free throw attempt differential in the league (24.1 - 18.2) at 5.9, Boston is second with a +3.0 free throw attempt differential. 


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