Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bizarro - Panini screwed up and forgot to put Portland Trail Blazers players in 2012-13 Threads Set

Yes it is true. In the 150 card Base Set, Panini forgot to include players from the Portland Trail Blazers in the set. The Set is grouped alphabetically by teams. All other teams were included. The Atlanta Hawks players lead off the set and the Washington Wizard Players end the 150 card Base Set. The first Trail Blazer card should come after card 121 Shannon Brown of the Phoenix Suns but instead of getting LaMarcus Aldridge or Nicholas Batum we get card 122 Tyreke Evans of the Sacremento Kings. No Trail Blazers in the set - None.

What Happened?. Panini screwed up and basically forgot about the Portland Trail Blazers (or maybe forgot they existed).  A Big QC miss.

*Note Aldridge does appear in an insert set

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