Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jim Rice was just as dominate as Joe DiMaggio

At least Offensively. While DiMaggio was considered the better defensive player, Rice holds his own offensively vs. Joe.  Both had tight 13 year peak careers. I know Joe lost 3 years to the war. I don't count what happened to Rice after 1987.  Both were know for getting a lot of triples. DiMaggio did play in a more offensive time. His career numbers- 361-1537-.325. Joe led the American League in HR, RBI and SLUGGING-  twice.

Jim Rice led the  American League in HR (3 times), RBI (twice), Slugging (twice)  His career numbers were 382-1451-.298

Both finish in the top 5 MVP voting 6 times (though Dimaggio won the MVP 3 times to Rice’s 1). Joe competed against less teams and Rice competed against more sepcialized players.  Put Rice in the late 1930's and 1940's and I think his HR total remains the same but his RBIs and Batting Average go up.

Here is a decent spring training card from the Donruss 1982 set.

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  1. Jim Rice had a career OPS+ of 128. DiMaggio had a career OPS+ of 155, missing what would have been his peak years (ages 28-30). They're not even close. Rice was a good player, a player you could have on championship quality teams, but actually overrated.