Sunday, April 22, 2012

John Wathan and Clint Hurdle's card photo's were taken in the same inning of the same game.

I never noticed this before, but look at the background on these 2 cards they are almost exactly the same, though taken from slightly different angle. but both have that Royal in the background sitting in the same exact position. This is the same game but I would bet it is also the same inning.

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  1. According to there were 11 home games in '81, where Hurdle & Wathan were batting within 3 batters of each other in the order. I didn't check to see which of those were day games, but I'm sure it's few. Of course, this doesn't account for the possibility that the Royals had a big inning and maybe plated 5 or 6 batters in the inning which could make them both come up -- but, I doubt that a Royal would be sitting in the dugout seeming uninterested in the game if they were having a big inning. So, it's very reasonable these pics are from one of the following 11 games:

    4/14 vs DET
    4/17 vs BAL
    6/01 vs SEA
    6/06 vs MIL
    9/21 vs MIN
    9/22 vs MIN
    9/23 vs MIN
    9/26 vs SEA
    10/2 vs OAK
    10/3 vs OAK
    10/4 vs OAK

    ...and it's probably more like only 5 choices, once the night games are weeded out.