Sunday, April 1, 2012

There is a great article in the NY Times about a Jeremy Lin's rookie autograph sale

It seems a seller on ebay listed a 2010-11 Panini auto card numbered 17/25 (Golden State uniform) and it sold for over $12,000 but the buyer claimed his little son actually put in the bid. So the deal did not go through. The seller relisted 7 days later and the card sold for $4,000. I don't think you could get that anymore.

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  1. Yeah... there's no way it sells for that much anymore. I ran into a guy at the local flea market who sold over ten base Prestige and R&S rookie cards for $50/piece. Last week on eBay they were going for $5 to $15. After news of his injury... I'm sure they'll drop even more.

    Kudos to all of those people who were smart enough to list their Lin cards at the right time.