Sunday, February 27, 2011

Event Worn Jerseys (How to make them better)

There is a great article over at The Sports Card File that got me a thinking. When sports card companies attend photo shots of the top draft picks (usually football and basketball), they have the players wear jerseys and cut them up and put them in cards.

Now I don't know if any card company has ever done this but I would suggest the following: Say Panini brings 50 jerseys to a photo shoot for John Wall to wear. John Wall would put on each jersey, Panini who then would take a picture of him in each jersey. Panini would them cut up the jersey and insert them into cards which would have the actual photo of the jersey which is insert in the card. Thus, Panini on the back of the cards could state "You have recieved a piece of the jersey that John Wall is wearing on the front of the card".

This would be awesome. Collectors could have a piece of a jersey that Wall is wearing or wore and the picture of it is on the front of the card. I personally would love it. Again, I don't know if this has ever been done before. But it should be done.

I would think it would take about an hour for him to pose for 50 jerseys. He takes one off and puts another on, Panini snaps a picture, he takes that off and puts another on etc.... The poses could change slightly but who cares - you got a piece of the jersey he is wearing on the front of the cards.

Here is another example, (though I know it is probably not this simple). But lets says Topps contracts with MLB/and say the Cincinnati Reds to buy all the jerseys worn by the players during a home game in July. Topps could send a photographer out take photos of the players during the game. After the game they collect all the jerseys.  Wa La Topps can then create cards of game used jerseys and state on the back of the card that you are holding a jersey card of Jay Bruce from a game from July xx 2011, and the photo on the front is from that game (thus you are holding a piece of that jersey). If Topps could do something like this these would be super collectable. Again, I don't know if it has ever been done before but it should.

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  1. Agreed. I always thought game worn/used stuff would be cooler if the picture included the actual usage.