Sunday, February 5, 2023

Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks - - this happened faster than a balloon being shot out of the sky.

     In one of the riskiest moves of all time, Mark Cuban finally pulled the BIG ONE and got Luka another star. 

    In todays' NBA you cannot win a championship without at least one superstar and one or two all-stars around him. 

    Giannis in 2021, won a championship with the least supporting cast since Olajuwon in 1994 (Of course Jordan's retirement helped him).

    It took Lebron James 9 years to win his first championship and he had to form a super team to do it.

        It was a risk to get him he is talented but weird.  

He quit on coach K at Duke, he quit on Lebron in Cleveland, he thinks the earth is flat, He quit on Boston and Brad Stevens, he did not want to play so he decided to be an anti-vaxxer, he did not want to play so he posts antisemitic videos, He quit on Steve Nash, Kevin Durant, Jacque Vaughn in Brooklyn.

He is a renaissance man who probably, though good a it, does not have his heart into basketball.  

However, if Dallas could get one more piece, Luka is so talented and if Kyrie could be normal just for a few months. The Mavs could win the NBA Championship. 



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